Sygan SNPJ Lodge # 6 - Youth Circle # 36
2014 Youth Circle Director - David Wasky

Welcomes Youth Circle #36 Members and friends

David and his group of youth are doing an excellent job at keeping up with various youth activities as well as planning exciting new and fun things to keep our youth interested and involved.

Youth sign up forms for 2014 available on clubroom bulletin board.

Upcoming events include:

Youth Circle #36 Bowling - 2014 upcoming dates
check SASC bulletin board (typically Sunday @ noon)


Check us out on FACEBOOK

Why not drop David an email ( or stop by the SNPJ / SASC clubroom and get your children involved with our Youth Circle # 36.

If your children or grandchildren are not members of SNPJ you can email Jim Curl - or stop by the club to see Frank Wright and see how easy and inexpensive it is to become a beneficial member.

Pictures of recent and other events are on the way.......stay tuned!!!!